Fidelis Cybersecurity Webinar Session

Traditional Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) were originally designed to identify attacks targeting known vulnerabilities. But the exploits attackers use have changed. Attackers are no longer server-centric. Today, they use unexpected pathways to target clients and distributed endpoints. While attackers innovate, traditional IPSs have stood still. They live on largely unchanged in scope, generating low-value alerts for security teams while attackers slip past them in pursuit of high-value targets.
The Fidelis Next Generation Intrusion Prevention solution is architected to detect and stop modern intrusions. It is a purpose built, comprehensive security solution that provides visibility, validation, detection/prevention, and response capabilities on cybersecurity attacks. It can be delivered as a service from the cloud or, when necessary, deployed on premise.
Join us for a webinar session with Fidelis to find out how Fidelis can:
  • Consolidate, simplify and optimize the number of security solutions you need to protect against today’s modern threats.
  • Make your security team operate faster, more efficient, and at a lower cost through network and endpoint automation and validated alerts.
  • Detect and prevent threats that other security solutions miss. 
We look forward to having you join us!